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As a well-known technology service provider, TÜV NORD GROUP stands for safety and trust throughout the world – and we also have our eyes on the digital future. Independent engineers and IT security specialists offer excellent solutions for safety and security, quality and optimum positioning within the competitive market. In more than 70 countries, we support companies and partners in taking responsibility for people, technology and the environment.

Products and activities within the context of Smart Home and Connected Life

IT security is relevant wherever systems and products become “smart”. Also in the home, when lighting, heating or kitchen appliances are linked via the Internet.

As the analogue and digital worlds become ever more closely integrated, IT security always has to be tested alongside functional safety. This means that the work of the TÜV companies and the services they offer are also changing. In future, it will not be sufficient only to protect people against technology – networked technology itself has to be protected against damaging human interventions, for example cyber attacks.

With its new “Security4Safety” approach to testing, TÜV NORD combines product safety with IT security. In the Security4Safety risk assessment, components and processes are investigated for possible weak points and assessed to ensure their readiness for applications in the Internet of Things.

Official test regulations which have been extended to include the aspect of IT security still have to be created for many product groups. TÜV NORD is committed to ensuring that the requirements for IT security are already taken into account in the product hardware and software development phases. This means that gaps in security can be discovered before possible exploitation by hackers and those planning cyber attacks.

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