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Founded in 1990, JÄGER DIREKT is known as a manufacturer and wholesaler of electrotechnical products, systems and services. In addition to a full range of products for electrical installation technology, JÄGER DIREKT also offers retrofit solutions for increasing energy efficiency as well as intelligent building technology. The quality brands OPUS switch programmes, VOTHA wall distributors and mobile power supply (JUMBO/SIROX), all of which are produced in Germany, form key parts of the product range.

The targeted further development of the OPUS switch programmes has resulted in the emergence of the intelligent building system solution OPUS greenNet over the last 15 years. The simplicity and flexibility of the system give JÄGER DIREKT the opportunity to make a decisive contribution to ensuring that handling smart technology becomes a matter of course for everyone and the added value of SmartHome systems is uncomplicated and caters to individual needs.

Products and activities within the context of Smart Home and Connected Life

JÄGER DIREKT has been working on solutions in the SmartHome sector for around 15 years. Various stakeholders, such as private builders, architects, planners and specialist electronics companies, were involved in the development of the intelligent building system solution OPUS greenNet. With OPUS greenNet, JÄGER DIREKT has consciously focused on creating a flexible system that can be installed in new buildings without additional costs compared to standard installations. Existing buildings can also be retrofitted with OPUS greenNet components without being renovated.

The OPUS greenNet system allows the user to control all common applications, for example lighting, heating as well as roller and venetian blinds. As a result, the system makes a significant contribution to increasing living comfort and energy optimisation.

By adding smoke and water alarms, as well as door and window contacts to OPUS greenNet, safety management is also supported. The development of OPUS greenNet is continuing: with the Apple certification of the OPUS SmartHome gateway, the user-friendliness and flexibility of the system have also been enhanced. It also makes OPUS greenNet the first and so far only Apple HomeKit-compatible concealed switchbox programme on the market that is based on the EnOcean wireless standard. Thanks to this intelligent connection, a variety of OPUS greenNet components can be controlled and managed by iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and HomePod. It also opens up new possibilities for OPUS greenNet users: voice control with Siri and the creation of individual rules, sequences and automations such as remote access to the SmartHome while away. Apple HomeKit-compatible devices from other manufacturers can now be combined with OPUS greenNet. This cross-manufacturer compatibility opens up diverse application and expansion options for the system.

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