Member: GIM Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung GmbH // Industry: Market Research, Consumer Research

Brief presentation of the member

GIM Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH is an independent and owner-managed full-service institute and has been among the top ten of the German market research industry for many years. Our clients currently include 20 of the DAX 30 companies. In over 500 projects per year, GIM does research at an international level in more than 50 markets. Since its foundation in 1987, the Heidelberg-based company with its branches in Berlin, Lyon, Zurich and Shanghai has evolved from a qualitative institute to a multi-specialist.

Our clients receive high-quality research services in marketing and market research, and for more than 15 years, we have also been offering quantitative market research expertise. GIM has substantial expertise in more than 30 trades (B-to-B and B-to-C) and one of the broadest methodological portfolios of the entire research market.

Products and activities within the context of Smart Home and Connected Life

We do research for all companies and trades which offer their products or services in the Smart Home or Connected sectors.

Our classic clients in this area are nearly all major car manufacturers, classic energy providers, but also technology providers and, of course, equipment manufacturers. We offer qualitative research designs (e.g. in-depth interviews, focus groups, workshops etc.), but also quantitative studies with large, representative samples.

Another area where we do research is B2B, that is, we conduct studies

with professionals, for example in the fields of home energy, security technology and many more.

The subject of our research can be acceptance studies, home-use tests, design research, UX, but also co-creation formats where ideas or concepts are optimized together with the respective target group and the client.

Other available research designs are product and concept clinics of all kinds.

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GIM Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung
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Anna Sive
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