Member: DIRROR GmbH // Industry: computer

Brief presentation of the member

DIRROR is the world’s first digital mirror and serves as your fashionable control center for digital living at home. Inactive, it’s a beautiful mirror in a wooden frame, but just by one simple touch it transforms into a huge interactive surface with all relevant information for the day – e.g. your appointments, news, directions, important notes and reminders, or current weather conditions. Moreover, DIRROR enables you to quickly control all Smart Home products and applications.

Products and activities within the context of Smart Home and Connected Life

DIRROR is your number one solution to control your digital life at home. By using existing software and hardware standards, almost all common applications and smart home products can be used or controlled. Due to the large reflective touch surface on the wall, all functions for control and organization are easily accessible at all times.

Now it’s time, to live and breathe digital life and the world wide web together. DIRRORS’s size and its user-friendliness guarantees that it can be used by anyone. A "shared device" created for the whole family. DIRROR, your home’s “central touchpoint”!

Schröderstraße 11
10115 Berlin

Daniel-Jan Girl
Phone: 030/28 88 43 60