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Conrad, one of the leading Omnichannel technology dealers in Europe, is moving into the "Internet of Things". The new online platform Conrad Connect gives customers the opportunity to control their smart devices regardless of manufacturer and to let them communicate with each other intelligently.

Conrad Connect is a new ecosystem that opens up a new world of capabilities for customers as well as technology partners, breaking down barriers and freeing data, especially in the smart home sector.

Conrad Connect is a spin-off of the Conrad Electronic Group and is based in Berlin.

Products and activities within the context of Smart Home and Connected Life

Conrad Connect gives us new access to use our smart devices in new and innovative ways: the cloud platform connects networked products breaking the borders between brands and manufacturers. Conrad connect allows smart devices to communicate with each other and with web services through the cloud and multiplies their potential.

The platform is designed to control all varieties of smart smart devices and web services. Even online weather services or calendar functions can be integrated. Fitness, energy management, or home automation - the future expansion of the platform is almost limitless.

Conrad Connect merges data from connected products and services together in one place. With customizable dashboards, users can manage and monitor their devices directly via the web - on desktop, laptop, or tablet. No software required.

Rules based on "if-then" principles link products, services, and tasks together. This can be done with some simple configuration in the dashboard or via a graphical editor. With a drag & drop, interface, users can establish connections between their devices: Simply drag the desired sensors and actuators into the editor window and connect them to the desired action.

There are already more than 250 products compatible products, and more being added every day. If you’re interested, you can register on and use Conrad Connect completely free of charge.

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