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Casavi is a digital communication and service platform for residential properties. It allows property management and real estate companies to establish a digital relationship with their customer base, be it tenants or private flat owners. The results are more streamlined communication and service processes and cost reductions by means of electronic information distribution. Founded in 2015 Munich-based casavi is focusing on building a connected residential environment incorporating all key stakeholders. That way it complements other hardware-centric Smart Home technologies.

Products and activities within the context of Smart Home and Connected Life

The casavi platform encompasses the following core components:

• White-Label customer portal for property management and real estate companies: allows the distribution of general as well as personalized documents to tenants and flat owners; integrated service ticketing system; real-time customer notification system replacing/complementing traditional notice boards.

• Community functionality for residents: to strengthen neighbourhood relations and build social networks within the residential environment the casavi platform includes community boards, messaging functions as well as community profiles.

• Mobile apps fpr Android and iOS: all core functionalities for tenants and flat owners are available in both a web version as well as via mobile apps. This caters to the growing importance for mobile services, especially among younger target audiences.

• Third-party connectivity: the casavi platform provides APIs to connect with ERP, CRM as well as DMS systems already in use at property management and real estate companies. It can also be extended to integrate with Smart Home technologies available to residents.

• Marketing platform: having access to tenants and flat owners allows for a personalized, data-driven marketing model which is especially attractive to service providers with residential products, such as cable network providers, energy companies as well as insurers.

As a exclusively Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform casavi can be used across all compan sizes, ranging from several hundred up until high five-digit numbers of residential units.

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casavi GmbH
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Peter Schindlmeier
Phone: 0176 8197 3447

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