Our Members

CONNECTED LIVING with over 65 members encompassing diverse sectors, offers an interdisciplinary approach, allowing a holistic view on the Connected Life and Smart Home. The range of our network extends well beyond scientific institutions, organizations and representatives of the housing sector. It encompasses energy providers, appliance manufacturers, suppliers of security technologies, telecommunication providers, including companies in the health sector, consulting firms, banks and insurance companies.

Board of Directors


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Sahin Albayrak

CONNECTED LIVING Chairman since 2009

„CONNECTED LIVING is the ideal network to establish cooperation and develop together cross-sector as well as cross-producer solutions for the up-and-coming market of the connected life respectively the "Internet of Things" (IoT). Members obtain access to significant incentives that promote innovation, to the most important market and technology trends, as well as to funding opportunities."

Current jobs/position

  • Founder, Managing Director and Chief Scientific Director DAI-Labor (Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), TU Berlin
  • Full Professor. Head of Chair "Agent Technologies in Business Applications and Telecommunication" (AOT), TU Berlin
  • Chief Executive Director GT-ARC (German-Turkish Advanced Research Center for ICT), Berlin – Istanbul
  • Founding steering board member at Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories
    Berlin, Bonn, Beerscheba, Mountain View
  • Advisor for German and Turkish ministries. Advisor for senior executives.
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Prof. Dr. Heinrich Martin Arnold

CONNECTED LIVING Vice Chairman since 2015

„CONNECTED LIVING is the largest pre-competitive organization for Connected Home and Connected Life across all segments and sectors. Many members have entered the market with their initial offers: which can be attributed to the preliminary work in the CONNECTED LIVING association."

Current jobs/position

  • Chief Executive Officer Detecon
  • Chairman T-Labs
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Dr. Oliver Weinmann

CONNECTED LIVING Member of the Board since 2011

„We are experiencing a radical change pending toward decentralization, driven by IT technology of the next generation (IoT, Big Data). Nearly all sectors will be affected through this process and facilitate many new cross–sector business models. CONNECTED LIVING therefore is the ideal platform for networking and cooperation."

Current jobs/position

  • Geschäftsführer Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH
  • Beiratsvorsitzender NOW (Nationale Organisation Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen)
  • Sprecher Verkehrswirtschaftliche Energie Strategie
  • Vorstandsmitglied Deutscher Wasserstoff Verband
  • Diverse Gremien im energiewirtschaftlichen Bereich
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Michael Mücke

CONNECTED LIVING Member of the Board since 2015

„The digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) movement respectively will significantly change numerous sectors and mobilize new competitors. In the future, the competition will not take place between products or processes but increasingly between business models. The association CONNECTED LIVING can optimally assist its members in utilizing the opportunities of the connected life."

Current jobs/position

  • Founder and Managing Partner MÜCKE STURM & COMPANY
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Cafer Tosun

CONNECTED LIVING Member of the Board since 2013

„CONNECTED LIVING is an ideal platform, that promotes collaboration, exchange and innovation in the connected life. The CONNECTED LIVING Innovation Center opens new doors to all industries, numerous businesses and countries, as well as everyday life situations."

Current jobs/position

  • Senior Vice President SAP SE
  • CEO of NESSI (Networked European Software and Services Initiative)
  • Board of Directors, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario
  • CEO of GT-ARC (German Turkish Advanced Research Centre for ICT)
  • Board Member of Münchner Kreis
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