Vision of a Connected Life

In the life of the future everything will be simply connected. The Smart Home alone is not only the center of connectivity of people and things. The Connected Life extends far beyond that. The areas of application: housing, mobility, health, public buildings, and cities increasingly converge in the future Internet of Everything into holistic and cross-sector solutions.

The personal freedom of each individual increases as the technology in the background becomes an invisible part of a free, comfortable, healthy, self-determined and energy-efficient lifestyle.
New products and services breach existing borders, creating unimagined open spaces in diverse areas of the Connected Life. CONNECTED LIVING offers the cross-sector and cross-producer platform for the development of partnerships and intelligent solutions, placing the user at center stage.

As part of the CONNECTED LIVING membership network you have the opportunity, together with diverse companies, organizations and research institutions to dedicate yourself to the challenges of the Connected Life and profit from its full potential. The selected technical scenarios listed below will exemplify the potentials and possibilities in the Connected Life of the future.

  • For energy efficiency that can be felt.

    The building of the future will be climate–neutral. Smart micro grid systems synchronize local energy production and consumption, creating a stable and cost optimized supply system.

  • For leisure time worth living.

    Intelligent device control increases user comfort through individually adapted user interfaces. New possibilities in multi-modal and situational device control simplify our life.

  • For security that can be sensed.

    Smart sensors continuously control the security status in the privacy of one's home.
    Automatically activated emergency scenarios offer rapid assistance in various dangerous situations.

  • For health that can be quantified.

    "Self-Tracking" contributes to comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention. Intelligent sensors capture data of activities and vital signs that, when analyzed, will lead to an improvement in health and well being.

  • For self-determination that can be enjoyed.

    Technical innovations support a self-determined life for people in need of care and assistance. Smart AAL systems (Ambient Assisted Living) adapt to specific situation requirements, allowing for individual services.

Purpose of the Association

The innovation center offers a networking platform, allowing membership enterprises to exchange views, mutually inspire one another and develop user oriented, intuitive technologies and solutions for the Connected Life of the future.

In our CONNECTED LIVING showroom we are making this possible by bringing the future to life through the integration of prototypes as well as already existing solutions of our members that can be verified within a tangible and touchable Smart Home Lab. In our membership network we are developing interoperability standards to achieve cross linkage over various areas of application, offer consistent operating structures and unite numerous individual functions toward a comprehensive user-centered solution.

Within the context of our ongoing connecting events and through our proactive public relations we are creating a world of experience that brings the increased value of the Connected Life closer to every individual, awakening their interest and inspiring their enthusiasm. At the same time we are a voice and interest representative for our member companies with regard to diverse stakeholders in the economy, in politics and society.

Take advantage of our platform to conclude profitable partnerships for your business or your institution and link your enterprise's products and services with those of other providers. As part of the CONNECTED LIVING Network you will become more attractive in the marketplace of the Connected Life.

Membership Advantages

Connectivity in a cross-sector network of members

Active professional exchange and opportunities for cooperation in organized project-groups and innovation workshops

Policy advocacy

Participation in CONNECTING EVENTS, e. g. CONNECTED LIVING ConnFerence

Transfer of know-how and technical infrastructures between partners

Participation in publicly funded research projects

Integration of your own Smart Home solutions in the CONNECTED LIVING showroom

Organization of pre-competitive talks

Joint public relations (trade fair presentations, press releases, newsletters)


Intelligent "Smart Home Sensors" increase security

  1. Martha cooks with an energy-efficient gas stove and is very concerned about the security of her apartment.
  2. Pipe detectors in the building as well as gas detectors in Martha's apartment permanently monitor the condition of the gas lines and detect possible leaks.
  3. In case of a detected poor performance level, house owners and service providers will be notified automatically (repair request).
  4. In case of a gas leak in the apartment all windows will be automatically opened, electronic devices will be turned off, an emergency call will be placed to the technical emergency service, and a notification will be sent to Martha.

The "Smart Kitchen Assistant" turns cooking into an adventure

  1. Jan loves to cook and derives his inspiration from cook shows on his Smart TV. He discovers a dish that he can't wait to try out for himself.
  2. Being connected to his cooking app he can download the recipe directly. The food database audits the nutritional value of the dish and possible health effects.
  3. This information will be compared with his nutrition plan. Because Jan has diabetes the recipe's compatibility is one other aspect that will be checked. The recipe meets his individual demands.
  4. Checks are made to determine if the necessary food items are available in the house. Upcoming expiration dates of food items will also be monitored. Since some of the items that Jan has not selected for his dish must be used today, the app will ask him if he would prefer another recipe that will make use of the food items that would otherwise expire.
  5. Jan decides on the alternative recipe and prepares it with video instructions on his tablet PC.

"Quantified Self" helps to reach health objectives

  1. Christian is a "Digital Native" and is concerned about his health. He's used to recording his health data ("Quantified Self") to digitally follow his fitness goals.
  2. Wearable technologies directly attached to his body and smart textiles record Christian's fitness data and his sleep patterns.
  3. Sensors and devices integrated in his home provide data related to nutrition, weight and training status (e.g. the refrigerator, the weight scale and the "Intelligent Mattress").
  4. Christian's health data will initially reside in proprietary databases and will subsequently be pooled into a shared health platform.
  5. Through big data analytics, his health status can be comprehensively controlled and optimized through various suggestions (a personal coach for target control and evaluation). This makes it possible for Christian to reach his health goals.

The Connected Life leads to a more efficient use of energy

  1. After a cloudy day, Sarah's electric car was not charged. The battery in the basement is empty because the photovoltaic system (PV-system) could not produce sufficient energy, and power in the previous days was very expensive.
  2. Before leaving, Sarah connects the dishwasher that should complete the washing up that evening.
  3. The car knows that it still has enough energy to drive to work and return home, and knows today's weather forecast. It will be a sunny day.
  4. The dishwasher waits until the PV-system generates energy. Surplus electricity will be charged into the battery, in order to operate the TV and the stove that evening, as well as charging the electric car.
  5. The battery has been charged. The generating of energy begins. Since the wind turbines in the North Sea produce a lot of energy, the system's operator on Sarah's energy manager signalizes that the PV-system has to be removed from the net. In return Sarah received a cheaper rate.