06.12.2018 //

Connected - FIBARO becomes a member of Connected Living e. V.

The European Smart Home manufacturer FIBARO is now a member of Connected Living. The Innovation Center provides a cross-industry and multi-vendor networking platform to promote the development of compatible technologies for the Connected Life of the future. FIBARO wants to use the platform to further expand its partner network and integrate external solutions into its Smart Home ecosystem.

With more than 65 members, Connected Living offers a network of scientific institutions, associations and representatives of the housing industry, utilities, device manufacturers, telecommunication providers, technology providers, consulting companies as well as banks and insurance companies. FIBARO also joins this partner network and intends to enter into new collaborations and develop technologies to expand its Smart Home ecosystem through innovation workshops, projects and connecting events.

The focus is on interoperability

The increasing digitization in the living and working environment creates a multitude of opportunities to establish new business areas. “In order to succeed in the growing market, the importance of cross-industry and multi-vendor collaboration should not be underestimated”, says Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Sahin Albayrak, chairman of Connected Living. “With FIBARO we have gained an innovative IoT company as a member that develops solutions for building and home automation. In particular, with its openness to solutions from other manufacturers FIBARO makes a crucial contribution to make living environments more modern, comfortable and secure”.

The goal of Connected Living is to develop cross-functional connection and intuitive technologies within the member network. “Stand-alone devices have very limited opportunities in the expanding Smart Home market due to lack of connectivity opportunities", says Krzysztof Banasiak, Central Product Officer at FIBARO. “In order to be able to provide the user with the full functionality of a Smart Home, we attach great importance to the interoperability with solutions from other manufacturers in the development of our products. Therefore, with our membership in Connected Living e.V., we take a next step towards an intelligent, connected ecosystem and hope for many interesting projects.”