26.07.2018 //

Parliamentary Breakfast "Connected Energy meets Politics" on 13 September, 2018 in Berlin

Under the title "Connected Energy meets Politics", the Innovation Center Connected Living and its Task Force "Energy" under the leadership of the board member Dr. Oliver Weinmann (Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH) are jointly organizing parliamentary breakfast in Berlin on 13th September 2018 (08:00-09:00 am).

The main theme of the event is: "Connected Energy Systems of the Future: Contribution of Building Automation and Smart Home to the Energy Transition and achievement of the Climate Protection Goals of the Federal Government". The purpose of the meeting is to sensitize politicians across all parties and ministries to the potentials and added values of digitally connected technologies in the energy sector and to discuss how the envisaged Climate Protection Goals of the Federal Government can be achieved through these solutions. The following questions are, among others in the focus:

What do connected energy systems of the future look like? What role do Smart Home technologies and energy management systems play? What challenges can be observed in the use of those technologies today? What are the possibilities for policy funding to remove existing barriers and obstacles, in order that the entire society can benefit from the advantages of connectivity?

Based on the elaborated theses of the Connected Living Task Force "Energy", there will be presented a catalog with suggestions and recommendations for action in which it is described how connected energy systems of the future will look like and with which measures policy will optimally promote these in combination with Smart Home technologies and use their potentials.

For questions and more information about the event, please contact Jakob Schofer from the office.