30.01.2018 //

MUUME AG is a new member of Connected Living

MUUME AG, a Swiss provider of digital services for daily consumptions and purchase processes, is a new member of the Innovation Center Connected Living.

Digitalization is fundamentally changing purchase and consumption processes – from the development of needs and information search to purchase and payment. Along with this, the importance of online trading and the processing of purchase and ordering processes via mobile devices are steadily increasing. The customer wants to shop and book services from anywhere and at the same time quickly, flexibly and individually. Here is where our new member MUUME AG comes in with its services:

With its digital platform that allows consumers to easily and individually make their purchases and orders on their smartphones, MUUME intends to digitize everyday consumer and buying processes and to link them with standard payment services, banking services as well as with loyalty and couponing programs. This allows users, for example, to scan the barcode of an item, to digitally get information about a product, to pay for it via an app and to leave a store without lining up at the checkout. MUUME is also revolutionizing the purchasing and payment process with its digital pre-order function: whether at sporting events, at concerts or in the canteen: the customer orders and pays his food in advance with just a few clicks digitally via smartphone and only has to pick it up afterwards. This saves time and avoids annoying waiting in lines. The Bern soccer club BSC Young Boys has been using the platform at the Stade de Suisse since August 2016, enabling its fans and visitors to digitally pre-order and pay for food and drinks before the halftime break, to reduce the time for lining up in the breaks.

With its entry into the Innovtaion Center Connected Living - Germany’s largest open innovation platform for the digital connected life – MUUME wants to extend its activities in the areas of digitalization, connected life and Internet of Things (IoT) and to network with more than 60 members from different industries in order to jointly work on new cooperation models for the development of innovative order, purchase and payment processes.

Patrick Urban, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at MUUME AG emphasizes:
“MUUME is not just a platform, it completely redesigns the buying process, offers consumers a more flexible, individualized and mobile-friendly way to purchase and pay. Digitalization requires speed, flexibility and innovation. For this purpose, the continuous development and improvement of our expertise and offers, as well as cooperation and an intensive professional exchange with cross-industry players are of great importance. Connected Living offers the right platform for that.”

Also Prof. Sahin Albayrak, Chairman of Connected Living, underlines the importance of the accession:
“With MUUME, we have gained a strong partner in the field of mobile payment and digital self-service. These topics will play an even more important role in our future everyday lives, influencing purchase and payment processes as well as the customer experience and at the same time opening up new opportunities for companies. We look forward to the cooperation, exchange and new impulses that MUUME will offer our member network.”