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Joint article by Connected Living and Detecon in the special publication "Hotel Yearbook 2018 - Sustainable Hospitality": Opportunities and potentials for the hotel industry through digitalization, the Internet of Things (IoT) and New Work

The management and technology consultancy Detecon and Connected Living have jointly authored the article "How digitalization, the Internet of Things and New Work are shifting sustainability paradigms", which was published on 01.12.2017 in a special publication of the Hotel Yearbook 2018 - Sustainable Hospitality.

In recent years, companies have become more and more concerned with sustainability and the impact of corporate activities on the environment and society. Who wants to be successful today, cannot avoid sustainable business processes. The topic is also becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry.

In the article, Martin Pietzonka, Jakob Schofer, Marc Wagner and Verena Vinke explore the application potentials and opportunities of the Internet of Things and digital connected technologies in the hotel industry, which opens up immense opportunities, especially in the areas of customer and employee satisfaction, as well as energy use and to anchor sustainability in business, for both, large hotel chains and small privately operated hotels.. The topic of "New Work" in the hospitality industry, which is the virtualization of the workplace environment, is also highlighted in the article as an innovative way to make hotels more sustainable in the future.

The Hotel Yearbook is a collection of numerous expert contributions of executives, analysts and opinion leaders from around the world on the topics of technology, digitalization and talent development in the hotel industry.

Read the full article here.

Martin Pietzonka (Connected Living)
Jakob Schofer (Connected Living)
Verena Vinke (Detecon)
Marc Wagner (Detecon)
Prof. Willy Legrand (Guest Editor in Chief, IUBH)

The entire yearbook can be downloaded here.

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