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For intelligent household appliances in the Smart Home: Vorwerk International is a new member of Connected Living

As an internationally active family enterprise, the Vorwerk Group stands worldwide for high-quality household products such as kitchen machines and vacuum cleaners. The topics Internet of Things and Connected Life play a decisive role in the further development of the devices and the future strategy of Vorwerk. With the digital innovations for the Thermomix and the expansion of the Kobold product portfolio by the app controllable vacuum cleaner robot, the latest Connected Living member has made an impressive step into the age of digitalization. Since June of this year, Vorwerk International Strecker & Co. has been a member of the Innovation Center Connected Living, with the aim of identifying the possibilities of further expanding the Vorwerk ecosystem in the Connected Life through the more than 60 partners of the interdisciplinary network.

In particular, the digitalization and the Internet of Things offer the providers of kitchen and household appliances outstanding opportunities to make the everyday life of end users easier and more comfortable by means of connected end devices in the living environment and by services based on them. Numerous white goods manufacturers have already positioned themselves in the market for digital connected products and are racing around the most innovative end devices and usage scenarios. In the connected kitchen of tomorrow, the actual cooking process is also becoming more and more a focus for generating a comfortable and healthy everyday life.

Digitalization in the kitchen should never be understood as a self-purpose. The central question is how a connected product can actually generate added value for consumers, convinces them and improves their lives. Hardly any other manufacturer has succeeded in answering these questions as impressively as the Vorwerk International Strecker & Co. Parts of Vorwerk's current product generation have digital interfaces, which offer clear end-user values: For example, the vacuum robot Kobold VR200 is commanded to suck and navigate through the apartment via the robot app, and meanwhile all the information about the cooking process – recipes, ingredients, processing instructions, nutritional values, processing times and further tips – are shown on the display of the Thermomix via WiFi. For example, recipes can be selected, the digital shopping list can be forwarded online and, if desired, the entire culinary week can be planned.

For the successful development, production and marketing of its smart digital devices, Vorwerk considers various principles how to actively approach customers, convince them and improve their quality of life. Already in the development and production of its products, Vorwerk increasingly focuses on digitized processes and, in this context, is setting up a center for research & development in Wuppertal. In the future, the company will also contribute its expertise and experience to the members of Connected Living. The aim of Vorwerk is to develop innovative application scenarios and business models for the Connected Life of the future, together with the partners of the network, and to identify possibilities for expanding its own ecosystem.

Dr. Stefan Hilgers, Vice President of Product Management, Division Thermomix of Vorwerk International, emphasizes: "As a member of the Connected Living network, we are particularly benefiting from active participation in workshops and events. In the development of our connected products, we would like to recognize and exploit the opportunities of the Internet of Things for which an exchange with other companies and industries provides essential input. Within the network, thus not only arises the valuable and horizon-expanding knowledge exchange for the design of ecosystems in the Smart Home, but also the possibility of networking with potential cooperation partners. With the placement of our digital products in the Connected Living Showroom, we will also be presenting our brands from autumn of this year to a broad audience and are looking forward to further strengthening our presence in the context of the Smart Home."

The Innovation Center Connected Living has been supporting the establishment of cross-industry partnerships for the development of solutions for the Smart Home and Internet of Things for more than eight years. In Germany's largest open-innovation platform for the Connected Life of the future, well-known member institutes work together on the development of customer-centric services and intuitively usable technologies for the safer, energy-efficient, age-appropriate and comfortable life and housing of the future.

Prof. Sahin Albayrak, chairman of Connected Living, clarifies the importance of the joining of Vorwerk: "Especially in the area of household appliances, I still see great potential through digital networking. The manufacturers are well on their way to integrate new technological possibilities into their products and to expand them with innovative services. In particular, for device manufacturers, the Internet of Things offers many opportunities to develop new business models and to differentiate themselves from the competition. In order to exploit these opportunities, it is now necessary to expand our ecosystems and to develop new application scenarios that offer clear added values to the end user. Vorwerk has already been innovative in the area of connected household appliances. With the cross-linked Thermomix, they have made an impressive step towards digitalization. We are very happy about the accession of Vorwerk to our Innovation Center and we are very pleased to be able to develop further future-oriented application scenarios and to shape the life of tomorrow with this important component in the network."

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