13.04.2018 //

"Opportunities and Potentials of Blockchain in the areas of Smart Home and Connected Life" – Successful Connected Living Workshop with Mücke, Sturm & Company

On April 12, 2018, Connected Living held a workshop on "Opportunities & Potentials of Blockchain in the areas of Smart Home and Connected Life" together with the management consultancy Mücke, Sturm & Company, in Munich, in which more than ten participants from the Connected Living network from different industries participated.

The subject Blockchain is on everyone's lips these days – across all industry boundaries. The main focus is mostly on the application area "Cryptocurrency", including the most prominent representative, the Bitcoin. But the application potential of the Blockchain technology goes far beyond that. Experts attribute the potential of technology to being the biggest technological breakthrough since the invention of the Internet - which can fundamentally revolutionize the exchange of information, goods and services.

The aim of the one-day workshop was to gain a basic understanding of the Blockchain technology, to be able to classify its application fields and potentials and, inspired by use cases and demos, to identify relevant applications in their own environment.

After an introduction into the basics of Blockchain technology and its functioning, as well as the illustration of application examples from practice by live demonstrations, attendees had the possibility to develop their own use cases for Blockchain applications in the fields of Smart Home and Connected Life by using creativity techniques in the afternoon.

The participants were impressed by the creative methods, the promising approaches and application scenarios as well as the constructive and efficient cooperation. We would like to thank the host Mücke, Sturm & Company GmbH for the very competent conception and moderation of the workshop as well as the many impulses for a variety of uses of the technology. The Innovation Center Connected Living will continue to work on the strategically important topic in the future and focus on Blockchain in the context of further formats.

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