14.03.2018 //

Successful Connected Living Hackathon „ConnHack 2018 – Shape the future of Connected Life“

Connected Living and its partners SAP, innogy, Vattenfall, Conrad Connect, DAI-Labor der TU Berlin, IOLITE, Fresh Energy and Signal Cruncher jointly organized their first Hackathon “ConnHack 2018 – Shape the future of Connected Life” which was held from 9.-11. March in Berlin at SAP. Under the title “With Data Analytics to new Connected Home Energy Concepts”, more than 50 coders, data analysts, designers and economists worked in eleven teams on the development of innovative service models and prototypes based on a range of anonymized data from the fields of Smart Home, energy and IoT (Internet of Things), which was provided by the participating partner companies.

On Friday, the event has started with a welcome speech of the host Cafer Tosun, Senior Vice President SAP SE and board member Connected Living e.V., in which he highlighted the importance of analyzing and processing of data as an important factor to generate added values. Subsequent to the welcome speech, the ConnHack partner introduced themselves and gave some information about the anonymized data, which has been provided by them. The pre-evening was rounded off by a joint dinner and live music.

From Saturday morning, the participants had the chance to work on the available data set for two days. The aim was, in particular, to develop new approaches for a databased control and optimization of energy production, storage and consumption and to work on new business models and services. During the entire hackathon, the teams were supported by mentors and design thinkers. Food, drinks and plenty of coffee was provided by the host of the event. During the two interim presentations on Saturday, the “Shark Tank” and the design thinking sessions, the participants had the opportunity to get expert feedback by the participating companies which helped them to specify their project idea and to prepare themselves for the end presentations.

On Sunday afternoon, the eleven teams presented their prototypes in a five-minute presentation and were rated in the three categories “creativity/idea”, “business case” and “prototype” by a jury, consisting of representatives of the partner companies. The teams “Volt Kraft”, “Excess Cash” and “SaveIT” took the places 1-3 and were awarded with 2.500 Euros, 1.500 Euros and 1.000 Euros. The teams “NudgE” and “Smart Ecosystem” took paces number 4 and 5 and received an electricity subscription in the value of 1.200 Euros or a Smart Home starter set.
The winning team “Volt Karft” developed an application, which rewards users with “Volt Coins” for less power consumption, time-efficient loading of electric cars or the provision of produced photovoltaic energy to central power grids.

The Innovation Center Connected Living also plans to hold further hackathons on the topics Smart Home, digital connected life and Internet of Things in the future.

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