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Smart Working Spaces: Successful innovation workshop of Detecon International and Connected Living

Die Management- & Technologieberatung Detecon International und Connected Living haben am 06. April in Köln gemeinsam erfolgreich einen Innovationsworkshop zum Thema „Future of Work: Smart Working Spaces“ durchgeführt, an dem mehr als 20 Teilnehmer unterschiedlicher Branchen teilnahmen.

Smart-Working, Future-Work and New-Work are currently on the agenda, describing a new work design in which flexibility, individuality and free choice of working time, place and manner are essential components. Within this framework, the property and the office play a whole new role - whether as a meeting place for agile project teams, a place for discourse with society and stakeholders or as a space for inspiration and creative ideas.

In addition to these work-oriented cultural topics, intelligent and (cost-) efficient space utilization is at the center of real estate management. Here the use of new and innovative technologies from the IoT sector can offer unprecedented potential.

The workshop started with an impulse speech about the "New-Work" theme complex, in which co-organizer Marc Wagner, Managing Director of Detecon International GmbH, focused on the central findings of the book publication "New work: on the way to the new world of work". Subsequently, Grzegorz Lehmann, CTO of IOLITE GmbH, presented an interoperable IoT platform with which simple and uncomplicated use cases in the office and real estate sector can be implemented. During a guided tour of Detecon's "smart office", which was awarded with the German Design Award and the Art Directors Club Award, participants were able to experience how office and meeting rooms can be designed to enable effective, creative and inspiring work.

In the afternoon, the participants worked in groups on method-based use cases on the key questions of how to increase the user experience in commercially used real estate and how they should be designed to reflect organizational changes without any hassle. The extensive experience of Connected Living and its members in the areas of Smart Home and IoT was linked with the industry know-how of the participants in the fields of real estate management and HR. Three concrete project approaches have been developed, in follow-up workshops they will be refined and then tested in practice.

See below the videostatements of the participants:

Sonja Anton; Cube Global GmbH
Dr. Heinrich Arnold; Detecon International GmbH
Mark Hagenbaum; Deutsche Telekom AG
Michael Himmels; Devolo AG
Marc Wagner; Detecon International GmbH

Videos/photos: © Christoph Bartholomäus, DAI-Labor Berlin 2017

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