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Latest News from the Innovation Center - The 4th Connected Living Newsletter has been released

Since October 12th, the 4th Connected Living Newsletter once again offers information about the latest developments at the Innovation Center in Berlin.

The new newsletter of the Innovation Center Connected Living is the sign of the anniversary event of the Berlin showroom "Smart Life Lab". Connected Living had celebrated the event in September, together with its General Meeting. In a retrospective, the newsletter provides detailed information about the successful evening and the achievements of the showroom.

In addition, we discussed with Heiko Habers, CEO of devolo AG, about the activities and plans of devolo in the Smart Home segment, the market development, the impact of Google, Amazon and Co. as well as the cooperation with the insurance industry. The whole interview can be found in the current newsletter.
In the portrait, you will read all the facts about one of our newest members - the GIM. In addition, you will receive information about a current tender from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Connected Living offers a perfect platform for joint project work and the formation of consortia. The event overview informs you about all the high-level events, such as the upcoming workshop "Smart but safe" by TÜV NORD GROUP & Connected Living.

The Connected Living Newsletter is published four times a year. The 5th newsletter reaches you in January 2018.
If you would also like to receive the newsletter by e-mail, please send a short note to news@connected-living.org.

Have fun while reading.

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