Within the CONNECTED LIVING association's work in four core areas, we enable our members to position themselves successfully in the market of the Connected Life.

  • Organization of innovation workshops and pre-competitive conversations
  • Participation in publicly funded research projects, initiation of R&D projects, formation of consortia
  • Transfer of knowhow and technical infrastructure between partner
  • Offer of Innovation Days and individual workshops for members

CONNECTED LIVING Research projects

Ongoing Research Projects:

PERLEN - Documentation of day-to-day-life for assisting people with dementia and their caregivers

The goal of the PERLEN project is to develop a holistic IT-system for the documentation of the daily routines of people with dementia (to support their well-being). The correlation between dementia and diabetes is also an object of study in this project, since patients with type-2 diabetes disproportionally run a higher risk of acquiring dementia, because of low blood sugar levels that could lead to neuro-cognitive deficiencies.

ProSHAPE @ Connected Energy

The goal of the ProSHAPE project is the ongoing development of the service-oriented home automatization platform for increased energy efficiency by utilizing cost-based optimization functions for a flexible energy supply of buildings.

Innovation workshops and events

Completed Research Projects:

UHCI @ Connected Usability

Project goal: to provide innovative and multimodal interactive technologies that can be used intuitively in the domestic environment.

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  • 2_workshop_prototyping_2-72386ccd6673237f6e3acae640ef5b73
  • 3_workshop_smart_working_spaces_1-9e3c64a371e9e0c456f969f8ba93706a
  • 4_workshop_smart_working_spaces_2-d1a2f94b5bc762cb1035abb1aeb5850d
  • 5_workshop_payment_in_einer_vernetzten_welt_1-0d4be46fe7183a8ded75fd03f6dbd721
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  • 7_workshop_chancen-potentiale_blockchain_1-0f70424ee2e882548850773fbe6e87aa
  • 8_workshop_chancen-potentiale_blockchain_2-e432c6fac2431d80468de5ce33d1f3b9
  • 9_workshop_smartes_wohnen_in_der_zukunft_1-5c4d4d6c407fe9bcc79936af28169dc9
  • hackathon_connhack_1-e12f06ae5e9b798f470e1de23d872bf7
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