10.04.2017 //

Workshop "Business Models & Ecosystems" - by Mücke, Sturm & Company and Connected Living

The Connected Living working group "Connected Ecosystems" is organizing the workshop "Business Models & Ecosystems" in Munich on April 25, 2017 (10:30 am to 4:30 pm), together with the leader of the working group and board member Michael Mücke (Mücke, Sturm & Company) to which we cordially invite all members of the Innovation Center. The workshop will focus on "digital assistants" and their impact on business models and ecosystems in the Connected Life.

Digital assistants play an increasingly important role in all areas of the Connected Life. They offer great potential, especially for the provision of user-centered and multi-value services. The control of end devices via voice interface is currently probably the most frequently publicly discussed digital assistant of humans. With Amazon Echo and Google Home, technically high-performance systems are now available in the market, which enable the user to create completely new forms of interaction with technology and appear to be very popular.

It has already been integrated into smartphones, so the use of language-based assitants in Smart Home systems is still the beginning. Many German market players have already integrated the interface voice control into their systems (at least in prototypical use), but there is still uncertainty about specific, user-value-bearing use cases. Likewise, the impact of the integration of Amazon or Google on the market participants in Connected Life is difficult to grasp. The battle for market-based digital assistants is in full swing. It is time to deal with the opportunities and impact of the systems in order to understand the impact on their own business models and to adopt strategies.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss trends and developments regarding digital assistants in business models and ecosystems in the fields of Smart Home and Connected Life as well as possible new application fields.

• What are digital assistants, what makes them stand out and what are the current trends in the market?

  • Introduction into the technologies (especially voice control) and their possible uses in the Connected Life (Amazon Echo, Google Home)
  • Workshop participants have the opportunity to test the devices themselves in the Smart Lab of Mücke, Sturm & Company

• Where do Smart Home and Connected Life ecosystems develop with regard to digital assistants?

• What impact will digital assistants have on future members of Connected Living (workshop participants)? - Development of concrete recommendations for action

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 12. Please register at Jakob Schofer from the Connected Living office until April 17. All participants will then receive a detailed agenda and organizational information.