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Stadtwerke Geesthacht is a new member of Connected Living

Stadtwerke Geesthacht are today far more than just a pure energy and water supplier. In addition to innovative multimedia products, the municipal utilities also offer IT security products, thus paving the way for the digitalization of their own business as well as customer requirements.

Now the Stadtwerke Geesthacht have taken the next step with their inclusion in the Connected Living network, in order to be able to help customers in the future in the field of digitalization in their homes and apartments as contact persons and solution providers.

The Innovation Center Connected Living has been supporting the establishment of cross-industry partnerships for the development of solutions for the Smart Home and Internet of Things for more than eight years. On Germany's largest open innovation platform for the Connected Life of the future, more than 60 member institutions work together on the development of customer-centric services and intuitively usable technologies for safer, energy-efficient, age-appropriate and comfortable life and housing of the future.

In the partnership with the Innovation Center Connected Living, the Stadtwerke Geesthacht see great potential to use the cross-industry exchange for the acquisition of new cooperation partners. The aim is to raise synergy and efficiency potentials. Optimally, this results in new, user-centric and innovative business models for the Connected Life of the future.

"The inclusion in this network is a great honor for us. This shows that with our corporate orientation, we are perceived as a very interesting partner on a regional level. Topics such as Smart Home and Connected Life are directly linked to our energy and media products. They strengthen our position as a contact for questions concerning living and connecting to the ground. As an agile organization, successful digitalization is only possible if we are prepared to leave existing paths in order to establish customer- and service-oriented solutions for new markets. They must continue to combine our strengths regional focus, security and innovative capability. We are looking forward to the partnership with Connected Living and will soon be offering our customers more service and solution-oriented products.", says Markus Prang, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Geesthacht.

Prof. Sahin Albayrak, Chairman of Connected Living, is also pleased about the accession of Stadtwerke Geesthacht:

"Energy suppliers and municipalities have a very good starting position in the field of digitalization in the building sector. With innovative services, products and business models, such as Smart Home solutions, they can not only compensate for falling margins in the commodity business, but also establish an additional customer loyalty instrument and differentiate themselves in competition. We are delighted that Stadtwerke Geesthacht, as an innovative company, will be able to deal with the trends in the Digital Connected Life and expand our know-how in our Innovation Center, find new cooperation partners and develop innovative solutions for their customers."

Intelligent connectivity already takes place on smartphones, in cars and in houses. In the future, it will extend to almost all areas of life. It will range from individual solutions to cross-industry solutions.

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