15.05.2017 //

The Digital Connected Life: Connected Living's expert contribution to the cover story of the magazine "Junge Wissenschaft"

The digital transformation and connectivity of all living areas in the Connected Life is progressing and will not only change the private life of each individual, but also bring overall social and economic changes. It is precisely this topic and the questions behind it that the magazine "Junge Wissenschaft" has devoted to in its 113th edition.

"Junge Wissenschaft" had Connected Living as its competent partner for its cover story. Prof. Sahin Albayrak, Chairman of Connected Living, and the Innovation Managers Martin Pietzonka and Jakob Schofer discuss the opportunities and challenges of the Digital Connected Life. The authors explain how the Internet of Things (IoT) is currently being developed and how the number of Connected Devices is growing rapidly in the areas of security, energy, comfort and entertainment. They describe the added values and make clear that there are now affordable solutions available and show approaches that enable devices across domains to control through a platform.

The article "Connected Living: The Digital Connected Life" was published in May as the cover story in the magazine "Junge Wissenschaft", issue No. 113.

Read the complete article here.

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