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Connected Living ConnFerence 2018 - "Digital Transformation and Connected Life: Shaping the Future Together"

Together with its partner heise events, the Innovation Center Connected Living is organizing its 4th Connected Living ConnFerence (CLC) on June 5 and 6, 2018 at the Meliá-Hotel Berlin, focusing on the topic of "Digital Transformation and Connected Life – Shaping the Future Together." The CLC has established throughout Germany as one of the leading and pioneering conferences in the areas of Connected Life and Smart Home. As at the CLC 2017 (inter alia, with Rainer Bomba – State Secretary Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure – as a keynote speaker), more than 100 top-level guests from economy, science and politics are again expected.

All information about the ConnFerence 2018 and registration is also available on the event website.

The aim of the ConnFerence 2018 is to offer companies, research institutions and politics, a forum to discuss the potentials and opportunities of the digital Connected Life and to promote cross-industry cooperation. The following questions are in focus:

  • What is the state of technologies and solutions for the Connected Life today and what trends can be observed?
  • Where do companies stand with their digital transformation strategies in the Connected Life today and where is the future development going?
  • What effects will this have on manufacturers and service providers and how will companies have to act in the future?
  • How do companies keep the customer in the focus of their digital transformation strategy?
  • How can companies jointly develop innovative and value-added products and services in the Connected Life through cooperation?
  • Which challenges of our society can be solved with connected, intelligent technology and how is the development manageable for humans?

These questions will be discussed in relation to the following focus and crosscutting issues: 1. Business Models/Market/Strategies, 2. Technologies/End Devices, 3. Data Analytics/AI, 4. Safety/Data Protection/Privacy and 5. Digital Assistants.

The ConnFerence is aimed at companies and stakeholders from all sectors who have links to the areas of digital Connected Life, Smart Home and Building, Connected Health and Care, Connected Energy, and Smart Finance and Insurance.

Become a part of this conference and enter into an intensive exchange with more than 100 top-level trade visitors from economy, research and politics for two days. Get your early bird ticket until 23.04.2018 (Connected Living members 475 Euro, normal ticket 832 Euro).

The entire Connected Living executive board cordially invites all members and other interested parties to this year's ConnFerence and looks forward to personal exchange. If you would like to participate in the ConnFerence, for example, as part of a sponsorship and a keynote or a workshop moderation, please contact Jakob Schofer from the CONNECTED LIVING office.

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